On December 18th 2017, Guitar World announced the news that Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders was extremely close to launching his own guitar company, aptly named Abasi Guitars.

Hearing the name Tosin Abasi brings two things to mind: technical guitar proficiency and high standards for guitar gear. Needless to say, reading the news about Tosin putting out his own guitar has me very excited and also curious.

Listening to Animals As Leaders songs, you can clearly tell Tosin needs a versatile, high quality guitar. Some songs start off very aggressive and then move on to clean finger style passages. Complex dynamics like these require his guitar to have many tone options. I can only assume that because Tosin has played custom Ibanez, Strandberg, Aristides and Rick Toone guitars – that his company will be putting out guitars of that caliber.

With this news, I also have tons of questions. For example:

  1. Will Abasi Guitars solely be producing his 8-string?
  2. Will the guitar be offered at multiple price points?
  3. Will Tosin consider making Bars guitars?
  4. Where will the guitars be manufactured?

Unfortunately, without new information surrounding the project, many people – as well as myself – still have questions. Currently, the company’s website offers nothing other than the option for signing up for an e-mail list. For now, we can only wait and see what will unfold.