Benson Amps announced its first offering in the world of effects pedals in May of 2018: The Benson Preamp. This unique circuit design is based on the Benson Chimera amplifier and utilizes FETS in place of tubes. The result is an extremely versatile pedal that is appreciably similar to the original tube amplifier in feel, EQ, and most importantly sound.

“We wanted to give players the option to use the sound of our amplifiers without giving up what they love about their current setup.” says designer Christopher Benson. “The design came together quickly working off the schematic of the Chimera. It turned out far better than I expected.”

The Preamp was designed to operate in as many different rigs as possible, whether that is a clean boost, an EQ, a stand-alone drive, a fresh sound in your dirt chain, or direct recording. If used with an impedance matching buffer, it even offers enough output to work as a driver for a stand-alone power amp.

The pedal is very simple to operate and features:

Drive, Treble, Bass, and Volume Controls
Industry-standard 9v power inlet
True bypass switching

The Benson Preamp retails for $249. The initial run of pedals was exclusively available through Reverb as well as select Benson dealers worldwide.

Credit: Premier Guitar