Best Guitar Repair Services
in Northvale, New Jersey

Guitar players know the feeling of picking up their instrument and having it sound less than perfect. Have you ever had one that just didn’t seem as crisp or vibrant? Your strings weren’t singing as they used to either, which is another common sign of this problem.

We all have those moments when our instruments just aren’t giving us what we want. There are many reasons why this might be happening, but at Beau Monde Guitars, there are always solutions for fixing the problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back on your journey.

We’re your one-stop-shop for guitar repair in Northvale, NJ, and we offer a wide range of services to keep the instrument tuned up. Our team has been providing quality work on guitars since 2013. We’ll be happy to take care of any repairs on your beloved guitar, including:

  • Re-string & setup
  • Output jack repair
  • Pickup installation
  • Switch replacement
  • Fret filing and leveling
  • Nut and saddle fabrication
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Tuning machine installation

Gigging musicians need to be able not only to play their instruments but also fix them if something goes wrong. It’s tough enough trying to find someone who can make fast repairs when you’re gigging miles away from home, so it serves as an even more significant challenge for professional guitarists on the road.

What is a guitar setup, and do I need it?

A setup will ensure that your instrument is in perfect tune and has the right action and intonation for you to play effectively. It also helps extend its life by making other parts operate well.

Guitar setups from Beau Monde can be delivered to you in minutes so that your guitar is always tuned correctly. You’ll get a complete set of new strings and everything needed for an accurate tuning process, including picks or straps! We also offer repairs on all types – electric and acoustic guitars; we’ve got it covered at the best price around.

What brands of guitars do you work on?

Whether you’re looking for a new guitar or just want to spruce up your old one, we have what it takes. We have years of experience repairing and customizing your favorite brands, including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, and more!

How can I modify my guitar to make it sound better?

Beau Monde is your one-stop-shop for all things guitar! We can also fix anything from changing pickups to adjusting bridge settings. Our professional technicians are experts in working on any type or size of your guitar.

Stop by today if you want a new tone that’s uniquely yours, just like every other person who walks through those doors.

What is the advantage of having my guitar repaired at Beau Monde Guitars?

Guitar repair is a convenient service that can be found close to home. Take your guitar in for quick repairs, and you’ll never have another issue with it again! It’s also easy enough if the need arises, rather than waiting online or shipping off an instrument before getting what you want.

When you need your guitar fixed, it’s nice to know that Beau Monde has got the goods. We offer professional and transparent repair services for all types of musical instruments. We’re happy if our customers feel the same way about us!

Best guitar repair services in Northvale, NJ

We’re not just a local guitar shop — we also happen to be professional musicians with decades of experience in the industry. Our skills and know-how can help you upgrade or repair your instrument like no one else. Our shop also is conveniently located near Sparkill Creek and Blauvelt State Park.

Beau Monde Guitars provides personalized service right here in Northvale, New Jersey—and we serve all the surrounding towns, too. We’ll be there for you when your guitar needs attention.

We’re not just handy local guitar technicians—we’re also professional musicians ourselves. We’ve got the skills and know-how that come with decades of experience in the industry, and we can bring that experience to bear on your repairs and upgrades.

At Beau Monde, we offer personalized service right here in Northvale—and we serve all the surrounding towns, too.

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