Best Guitar Repair Services
in Old Tappan, New Jersey

Your guitar may be sounding off lately and it could just come down to ousted strings or something else entirely! There are many reasons why this happens so don’t stress too much – we’ll figure out what needs fixing here at Beau Monde with some help from our experienced technicians who know their stuff inside-out.

We know how frustrating it is when your favorite instrument doesn’t perform the way you want. That’s why at Beau Monde, we do everything in our power to make sure each of your guitars sounds just as beautiful and promising on stage or off.

We repair guitars and offer a wide range of services to keep them sounding their best. We’ve been providing service since 2013, which has given us ample opportunity for experience with all types from acoustics, and electrics through basses – whatever you need we can help out. We’ll be happy to take care of any repairs on your beloved guitar, including:

  • Re-string & setup
  • Output jack repair
  • Pickup installation
  • Switch replacement
  • Fret filing and leveling
  • Nut and saddle fabrication
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Tuning machine installation

What is a guitar setup, and do I need it?

Take your instrument to a professional for an accurate assessment of its sound and playing condition. They’ll be able not only to fix any issues with intonation, action, or electronics but also extend the life by making sure all parts are functioning well!

Guitar setups are a tricky business without the proper equipment and tools, but it doesn’t have to be. Beau Monde provides guitar setups for every budget so you can get your instrument adjusted correctly in no time! We offer complete set-ups on any type of acoustic or electric stringed instrument including basses.

What brands of guitars do you work on?

Beau Monde Guitars is the only place you need to visit when it comes time for guitar maintenance or repairs. We have years of experience working on all different types and brands, including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, and more!

How can I modify my guitar to make it sound better?

Beau Monde is the store for all your guitar needs. We’ve got all facets of repair covered! Our professional repairmen will help you change the sound that’s missing from your tone today; come see us at our Northvale location near Old Tappan, NJ where our friendly staff can make sure every detail suits you best.

What is the advantage of having my guitar repaired at Beau Monde Guitars?

The convenience of having a store that specializes in guitar repairs and maintenance close to home is immense. You can take your broken instrument there for quick service, rather than shipping it out if you’re on the road – saving time as well!

Whether you’re a professional musician or just getting started, having access to quality guitar repair services nearby is convenient. You can trust that at Beau Monde we’ll always keep things straightforward, simple, and most importantly of all: The customer comes first here!

Best guitar repair services in Old Tappan, NJ

When you pick a guitar repair shop, you want one conveniently close by. We offer our services to music professionals from Old Tappan as well as other towns in New Jersey.

We’re more than just a guitar shop—we also offer repair and upgrade services for musicians of all levels. With over years in the industry, you can trust us with your repairs!.

Beau Monde Guitars is the go-to shop for all your guitar repair needs. Whether you’re from Old Tappan or other towns in New Jersey, we will be there to take care of it when necessary!

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