Winter NAMM brought exciting news about Charvel’s release of Angel Vivaldi’s signature model, the DK24-7 Nova, and in our opinion, there is no one more deserving of this opportunity.

Back in 2016 we had the pleasure of hosting Angel for a clinic at our shop as well as shoot a promotional video for his “The Speed of Dark: Revisited” album in our showroom. We got to know him personally, hear his story, and see how he was inspiring a new generation of guitarists on a level that exceeds playing. This became evident when a customer, whose grandson was in attendance and has cerebral palsy, wrote a letter in appreciation of his message and how it encouraged him to push past his disability. As a parent myself, this was truly appreciated, as it is nice to know there are still positive role models, but I digress.

As a long time Ibanez endorsee one would think with the traction Angel has been gaining that a signature model would have been in the works. In fact, we were speculating at the shop if not Ibanez, then Aristides. When news surfaced Angel had signed with Charvel we were surprised. But as dealers for the brand, and fans, we knew the build quality combined with how meticulous Angel is, and I know this because he is the only one who compliments how well manicured my eyebrows are, would be a match made in guitar heaven.

The collaborative effort between our fellow New Jerseyan and Charvel delivers a phenomenal 7-string with a basswood Dinky™ body in a beautiful Satin Sage Green finish. It is decked out in gold hardware with a reverse Fender® Stratocaster® headstock with a custom shaped three-piece bolt-on maple neck, reinforced graphite sculpted heel, hand rubbed urethane back finish, Luminlay® side dots and heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel. Its 12”-16” compound radius maple fingerboard features comfortable rolled edges, 24 jumbo frets, cascading black dot inlays and a Graph Tech® TUSQ® XL nut.

It has all the tones with its set of gold DiMarzio® Air Norton™ bridge and neck pickups with other attributes including a five-way blade pickup switch, dome-style knobs for the volume and tone controls, Gotoh® Custom 7-string 510 tremolo bridge, locking tuners, and more. The DK24-7 Nova is a total embodiment of Angel and his personality. A truly accessible (and affordable) tone machine that refuses to cut corners.

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