At first glance the Chase Bliss Brothers is a labyrinth of an effects pedal with its myriad of knobs and switches. It’s easy to get lost and can be discouraging if you’re not willing to invest some time into understanding what you’re looking at. We dove into some of the more basic functionalities of the unit before our demo to give you an idea of what the pedal actually sounds like, but the more time spent under the hood, the more apparent the power of the Brothers becomes. The Chase Bliss Brothers is built on two independent JFET/IC analog circuits each with three main voicings; Boost, Drive, or Fuzz. These effects can be used independently or in conjunction, and they can be routed to be mixed in parallel or in series as either A + B or B + A. There are 33 different combinations of voicings on the Brothers so it’s hard to not end up finding a tone you love.

The front of the pedal can simply be broken down into: Master Volume, Channel A Gain, Channel B Gain, Channel A Tone, Channel B Tone, Channel A Effect Toggle, Channel B Effect Toggle, Effects Order Toggle, Presets Toggle, and the dual footswitches. The sides of the pedal include a 1/4” input and output, as well as a 1/4” input for an expression pedal, and a 1/4” input that can be used to have a momentary switch control channel A and to interface the Chase Bliss Brothers with a MIDI controller.

The Chase Bliss Brothers allows you to save 2 presets on the pedal itself, which can be accessed via the switch between the main footswitches, and the pedal also features MIDI functionality which allows for additional presets to be saved via a Chase Bliss Faves or other similar MIDI controllers. A complete set of dip-switches can also be found on the backside of the unit that is mapped to each of the pedal’s parameters. These are used when saving MIDI presets and setting expression pedal parameters.

Even with the Brothers’ impressive feature set, the guitar’s signal remains 100% analog and is never processed digitally. Chase Bliss really cut no corners cramming as much functionality into the unit as humanly possible. The Chase Bliss Brothers retails for $349 and you can come check it out today at Beau Monde Guitars. You might want to read the manual first.