The Electro-Harmonix Soul POG is the marriage of two of EHX’s most popular pedals in one enclosure, featuring extra capabilities that make the combination of effects even more useful. On the left side of the unit is the EHX Nano POG (Polyphonic Octave Generator), capable of producing a sub-octave at half the frequency of the input signal, and an upper octave at twice the frequency.

The POG can be used on your amp’s clean channel to create lush organ-like sounds, in conjunction with an overdrive (where the Soul Food side comes in), or even as a basic octave shift where the dry signal is excluded. The POG also has a seemingly infinite number of different uses when paired with
other effects.

On the right side of the unit is EHX’s Soul Food overdrive; an overdrive perfect for adding just a bit of breakup to your cleans but with enough gain to produce some crunchy distorted tones. With the gain all the way down, it’s also an extremely transparent clean boost. It’s EHX’s response to the KLON Centaur, just without the exorbitant price tag.

Added features on the Soul POG include an internal effects loop for patching other effects between the Soul Food and the POG, a switch that determines the order of the two effects, and a mode button that switches the POG between optimization for tracking chords or for tracking faster single note passages.

The Soul POG comes packaged with a standard EHX 9.6DC 200mA power supply and is available now at Beau Monde Guitars.

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