Guitar Repair

Beau Monde Guitars offers the finest in guitar repair shop and maintenance in Northvale, NJ, and neighboring cities like Norwood, Old Tappan, Blauvelt, Nanuet, Orangeburg, Pearl River, Tappan, West Nyack, and more. Our highly skilled and professionally trained technicians provide quality work and meticulous care that is timely, affordable, and unconditionally guaranteed.

We specialize in fretted instrument repair and our service options include but are not limited to, restrings and setups, output jack repair, bridge installation, switch replacement, fret filing, leveling, and crowning, nut and saddle fabrication, action and truss rod adjustments, potentiometer replacement, tuning machine installation, and modifications and upgrades.

Guitar Repair

Service Options

  • Restring & setup
  • Output jack repair
  • Bridge installation
  • Switch replacement
  • Fret filing and leveling
  • Nut and saddle fabrication
  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Tuning machine installation

What brands of guitars do you service?

Our service center will proudly maintain your guitars and basses. We have decades of experience repairing all types of fretted instruments and are qualified to repair popular brands from Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, Martin, Taylor, and more!

What mods and upgrades do you offer?

If you want your guitar to sound its best there are quite a few modifications and upgrades that can be done to improve your instrument’s performance. There are certain tricks of the trade we have learned through trial and error as well as our tenure in the industry.  The most common improvements inquired about are preventing string breakage, which can be done easily with filing, lubrication, or simply replacing your saddles. If your guitar is noisy, getting rid of the hum by shielding the inside cavity can help reduce unwanted noise. And, if you want to enhance the sound of your instrument a pickup upgrade may be just what you need. Visit us at our Northvale, NJ location to discuss your options, or ask our technician a question by completing the form below.

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