The Tube Screamer is an iconic piece of gear with a laundry list of variations, clones, and applications. Used simply as an overdrive or as a boost in front of an already-cranked high-gain amp, the Ibanez TS808 has found its way onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists and has proved itself an indispensable tone shaping tool for blues, metal, and everything in-between.

This Ibanez TS808 40th Anniversary Overdrive Pro, limited to 1000 pieces in the US, sheds its iconic green coat and comes finished in an exclusive Ruby Red Sparkle (the 40th anniversary is the ruby anniversary). It looks great and is also a no-brainer if you’re planning on starting a Wizard of Oz themed cover band.

Featuring the same simple yet effective control scheme that so many guitarists have become familiar with over the years (Drive, Tone, Level), this crimson TS808 is perfect for Tube Screamer aficionados, pedal collectors, or guitarists looking for a classic overdrive with some limited edition flair.

It’s sure to be the first pedal that the guy eyeing your board asks you about once your set is done, and the fact that you can say “It’s just red” should help expedite the conversation.

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