The JHS Pedals Space Commander – Chorus. Reverb. Boost.

Featuring a sonic profile heavily inspired by the sounds of the 80’s, this delightfully vintage pedal from JHS will take you back in time and add a whole new dimension to your sound. Housed in a casing with artwork that evokes memories of days at the arcade, the JHS Space Commander will make for a powerful addition to your pedal arsenal with its inclusion of three effects in the box.

The Space Commander is an analog/digital hybrid multi effects pedal that features a Boost, Chorus, and Reverb all in an extremely accessible format. The Space Commander excels in the simplicity of its controls and overall ease of use. Each effect has just one knob that controls the specific effect parameter, and a bypass switch underneath to engage or disengage the effect from the overall signal.

The Boost on the Space Commander is a simple transistor boost that can be used to increase your amp volume or send it into breakup territory. The Chorus is an 80’s inspired effect based loosely around a Boss CE-2; when dialed up the speed increases and depth decreases. The Reverb is a hall reverb whose knob controls the range from fully dry to fully wet.

The JHS Space Commander is a no-frills multi-effects pedal whose vintage sounds are sure to inspire the modern musician.