KHDK Electronics is the brainchild of David Karon, a former employee of Randall and Washburn, and current guitarist of one of the biggest metal acts on the planet, Kirk Hammett.

KHDK has Kirk’s blessings all over their pedals, and the Dark Blood distortion is the company’s most aggressive release yet. The pedal combines solid-state and MOSFET tech and includes a treble booster right in the front end of the circuit. KHDK proclaims the Dark Blood to be a distortion that’s tube-like in nature, and after some experimentation we found that it more than lived up to its claims of being a solid alternative to the distorted channel of your amp (or as a second channel for your single-channel amp).

The pedal is easy enough to navigate and dial in a snarling distorted tone with it’s simple four main control knob layout, but the Dark Blood also features a built in noise gate for taming some of the background hiss that becomes an issue once the gain is cranked. Considering the massive amount
of gain on tap, this gate proves to be extremely useful. The Dark Blood also features a HI/LO switch that offers two steps of gain with the LO setting intended for rhythm playing, and the HI setting offering additional saturation, sustain, and compression.

With the insane amount of gain available and its built in noise gate, it’s a great pedal to add to any metal guitarist’s arsenal. Come test it out and peel the paint off our walls.

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