It was NoNAMMuary again for Mesa/Boogie this year as they continue to stand their ground to not participate at the annual winter convention in Anaheim. That does not slow the amplifier powerhouse down as they continue to push the envelope with new builds. Always staying atop of current trends and separating themselves from the competition.

With recent releases like the Triple Crown and Fillmore series amps it is apparent their target audience caters to Fender and Marshall players alike. In keeping with that theme Mesa brings us the California Tweed. A single channel – American 6V6 tone style amplifier in both head and combo formats.

Simplicity at its best, the amplifier showcases a basic front panel with Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master and Reverb control knobs, and both High and Low Gain inputs reminiscent of amps of old. Mesa also includes their patented multi-watt feature, which allows players to toggle from 2, 10, 20, 30 or 40 watts in order to maintain the true tone of the amplifier at bedroom levels. Loaded with a Jensen Blackbird alnico single 12 inch speaker this amp can take you anywhere from crystal clean to nasty breakup in seconds, and is a great platform for any pedal you throw at it. Weighing in at only 49 pounds it is perfect for the gigging musician looking to swap out that Twin for something lighter.

You can watch our video of the California Tweed 1×12 combo HERE.

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