Love the vintage vibes of the Fillmore 50 but need just a little more juice? The Mesa Boogie Fillmore 100 expands on the vintage sound and style of the Fillmore 50 with added features and sonic qualities that come along with the extra power of a 100 watt amp. A wider dynamic range, added dimension, increased headroom and a tighter low end make the Fillmore 100 a formidable step up from its 50 watt counterpart.

With a simple two-channel and three-mode design, the Fillmore 100 comes stocked with four 6L6’s in the power section and five 12AX7’s in the preamp. The amp includes a three way Power Select Switch that features options for Full, Half, and Low power modes so you can perfectly match the amp to the setting you’re in and feel you’re looking for.

One of the Fillmore 100’s most interesting and useful features is the inclusion of two identical channels each with a mode switch to choose between either Clean, Drive, or Hi modes. This allows the player to have the option to set their amp not just to two very different sounds as most amps would (a clean channel and a gain channel), but also in more nuanced variations of a specific tone; be that two clean channels where one has slightly more drive, or two overdriven channels with one having significantly more gain for lead playing.

Each channel also has its own set of independent controls including Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, and Master Volume so you can dial in exactly the tone you’re looking for. The Fillmore 100 also includes a vintage all-tube, long-tank, spring reverb.

The Fillmore 100 is available in either head or combo format and while it does add on just a few extra pounds from the 50 watt version, the combo is housed in the same enclosure, making it a fairly portable and practical 100 watt head. While maximum portability and a smaller form factor is often a necessity for many guitarists, there are certain advantages of having a full sized 100 watt amp to let rip that just can’t be replicated on a smaller scale. Plug into the Fillmore 100 and hear for yourself.

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