Allow us to introduce the Mesa Boogie Rosette 300 Two Eight. Mesa brought their usual top-tier quality and versatility to acoustic players with this 2×8” acoustic amplifier. The 300 watts coming from this 2×8” leaves plenty of comfort room to handle any type of gig or session with ease. The amp is equipped with a dual-channel setup, accommodating singer/songwriters, acoustic duos, and much more. This amp can cover a guitar pickup, a microphone or both at once. Three onboard reverb types and a footswitchable parallel effects loop allows you to dial in any type of ambiance you want with precision. Mesa packs all this into a humble 30 lbs. package suited perfectly for players on the go.

Dual Channels Catering to Singer/Songwriters, Acoustic Duos, and Much More

Each channel is completely separate from the other, while offering a wide array of features allowing you to fine tune the sound to your needs. Channel one has switchable XLR and ¼” inputs for use with your acoustic or microphone, while channel two differs by having a single ¼” input for only a guitar. Both channels feature independent phase switches and LED indicators, guaranteeing the most harmonically rich tone possible. And with each channel carrying a 4-band equalizer and a hi-pass filter, easy tuning is a given.

Packed with Controls to Handle Any Musical Demand

This acoustic combo amp stands out from its contemporaries by containing three separate, selectable XLR DI outputs. The first sends the output from channel 1 to the board, while the second sends channel 2’s outputs. These two DI outputs can handle anything with its switches for line/mic levels, pre/post, and their own ground lifts. The third DI out sends these signals, while still offering control over ground lifts and mic/line outputs.

Mesa Delivers Their Usual Level of Performance 

This amp was built with decades worth of innovation and experience. It delivers the quality, versatility, and special features that people have come to expect from Mesa products. Offering professional tone and control for any musician- while even matching the same style as most acoustic guitars.

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