Music Lessons
in West Nyack, New York


You are never too young to discover your musical side! No matter how old you might be, there’s always been a time when we’ve wanted nothing more than for our dreams of being musicians to come true. There’s never been a better chance before!

We know music is in your heart and soul, so we bring out the best of it with our instructors who are passionate about sharing their love of music. With them on board, you’ll be playing like a pro before long! We provide quality music lessons in West Nyack, New York that will help unlock the creativity within yourself while learning from experts dedicated to helping people to become accomplished musicians or vocalists through private one-on-one/group sessions at home or even virtual.

Beau Monde offers the most diverse range of music lessons possible. Our teachers are experts in their fields and can teach you anything from guitar, bass, piano, or voice!

Private Lessons

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to broaden your skills, Beau Monde has got a genre-appropriate instrument for every skill level. A lot of people want to play an instrument but often find themselves unable due to time constraints; however, with our teachers’ support, this ambition can be achieved.

You deserve to be the best musician you can possibly imagine. You’ll never find someone more dedicated or passionate than our team. We offer private lessons, and we make sure each lesson is personalized for you so that we know what objectives need to be achieved and how best to approach them together.

Private lessons can be tailored to your schedule and financial needs. We offer one-on-one half-hour sessions, as well as hour-long private lessons. Contact us today!

Creative Environment

We make sure that each student is matched with an instructor who will provide them with the best service possible. Our spacious classrooms are outfitted for your needs, and we offer comprehensive lessons to ensure you get what’s needed.

You can have your music lessons in a warm and welcoming space where you’ll feel at home. Our rooms are equipped with everything needed for effective learning, including our musicians, who will help teach when the going gets tough.

Easy & Convenient Payment

Lessons are billed and booked on a monthly basis. Tuition for ALL lesson programs is due in full at the beginning of each month. Flexible payment options are available and all methods of payment are accepted. For your convenience, a credit card may be stored securely on file to take advantage of our automatic billing system. Please contact us for current rates and availability, or if you have any other questions, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Learn Any Instrument

You can learn to play your favorite instrument from our experienced teachers because they have years of experience in teaching music. We offer classes for people who want to know how to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and voice.

Play Like a Rockstar

Guitar lessons are tough, but our certified teachers have years of experience and can teach any skill level! You’ll learn songs that you’ve always wanted to play. It’s never too late or early in life for a student who wants it badly enough.

Feel the Rhythm

Take your place at the forefront of music culture! Learn about different parts and how they work together to play drums properly so that you can impress even more people with your skills. With our lessons, not only will we teach what it means when to read drum notes but also give insight into why some musicians choose one way over another while expressing themselves through these instruments.

Instructor and student playing the drum set

Awesome Piano Playing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Well, now is your chance because we can teach even beginners. Our piano lessons will give the basics of reading music notes and applying them to an instrument, so you’ll be playing your favorite songs with ease. But don’t just take my word for it; ask any other student who has taken advantage of these offers (I think they would say yes).

Is Beau Monde the right fit for you?

You bet! Our teachers are passionate about teaching everyone, no matter what their musical background may be. We offer classes for all different types of music, and they have years (some even decades) experience in the field that will help them teach you how to play an instrument or sing better than ever before.

You deserve it. The time is now for you to live your best life! Be a part of our team, and we’ll show how simple self-improvement can be when working with Beau Monde’s proven system – one that works without breaking a sweat or sacrificing results. 

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