A celebration of the 25th anniversary of Green Day’s critically acclaimed album and a faithful recreation of Billie Joe Armstrong’s guitar tone, the MXR Dookie Drive is a limited edition overdrive pedal adorned in the iconic Dookie artwork with a bunch of awesome features.

The guitar tone on the album was achieved through the blending of two amplifiers, one dirty amp with a severe midrange scoop and a cleaner amp with a more defined midrange. In order to emulate this, the Dunlop team borrowed the actual amplifiers used to record the album (two modded Marshall Super Leads) and carefully analyzed what made them special and how they could fit them both into a single pedal enclosure. The result is the Dookie sound in a box with all the necessary controls to tweak it into something entirely your own.

The controls on the MXR Dookie Drive are used to adjust the Output, Gain, Tone, and Blend of the two amps within the pedal. Output controls the overall output signal, Gain controls the gain of the dirty amp, Tone is an overall EQ control, and Blend controls how much of each amp is present in the overall signal. There are also two internal knobs to control the gain and volume of the clean amp, as well as a Scoop switch in the middle which adjusts the midrange of the overall signal.

The Dookie Drive is an extremely versatile and unique overdrive and a must have for Green Day fans chasing that signature guitar tone.

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