Based off of two classic Japanese pedals, the Boss DS-1 and Ibanez TS-9, the MXR Raijin Drive offers added usability and a more modern voicing to each iconic drive. Designed by Shin Suzuki, who previously collaborated with MXR on the Shin-Juku Drive, the Raijin Drive is a complete re-imagining of both of these pedals designed from scratch and fine-tuned by Suzuki’s veteran ears.

Each voicing in the Raijin Drive emulates the sound and vibe of the original pedal it’s modeled after but offers a more responsive control set that will allow you to more finely tune your tone. It stays true to the simplistic control schemes of its spiritual predecessors with only three knobs; Level, Tone, and Drive, all while offering added harmonics and increased headroom.

In interviews Suzuki highlighted the importance of a matched quality in pedals that claim to do more than one thing. Instead of being an overdrive with a distortion as an afterthought, the Raijin Drive places equal importance on each and saves space on your board by giving you both options in just one pedal. The full spectrum of tones available in such a small format is ideal for players who need to cover a wide variety of genres while maintaining a small pedalboard profile.

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