At this year’s NAMM, Pedaltrain released a number of new pedalboard accessories and utility items that breathe some life into what are often under-appreciated pieces of gear.

If you’re running low on pedalboard real-estate, the Pedaltrain SST Space Saving Tuner is a simple tuning solution that allows you to slide your tuner into the crevices between your pedals. Audio and power connections are routed outside of the unit via a flexible dongle which allows the user to save even more space on the actual pedalboard. Ideally used with the dedicated tuner output on your volume pedal, the SST is accurate up to 1 cent and features a bright LED screen that won’t disappear if you’re playing outside. Now you can use that extra space to throw a second Altoids tin on your board.

How about power? The Volto 3 is a rechargeable power supply designed to fit securely on all the current Pedaltrain models. Supplying 6200 mAh to your 9V pedals, and good for hundreds of charges throughout its lifetime, the Volto 3 is a practical alternative to expensive 9V batteries and unreliable daisy chain power supplies. It features a 25% increase in charge life compared to the Volto 2 and is the most durable Volto yet. It’s lightweight, compact, and perfect for smaller pedalboards and on-the-go musicians.

Lastly, Pedaltrain also unveiled a line of hard cases to accompany their Metro series pedalboards including the Metro 16, 20, and 24. Featuring fully recessed carry handles, lockable latches, and lined with dense rubberized foam, these hard cases are engineered to be 35% lighter than their predecessors and protect your valuable equipment during travel.

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