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Orange Getaway Driver Review

The Orange Getaway Driver provides a 70’s amp in a box. With its three extremely responsive dials for Gain, Bite, and Volume, it offers a wide range of distortions for your sound. This overdrive pedal can add vintage flair to any amp, but the distortion it provides really flourishes when running through the clean channel of any amp- even ones with bright caps. It can offer great, clean boost with low gain and high volume, but it specifically adds a profound depth to the more subtle tones at lower volumes. Its gain structure is based off of an old 70’s cranked amp, by using JFET circuitry in Class A. Use a 9-12V DC centre-negative power supply to ensure proper performance.

The Orange Getaway Driver has two outputs. One is a transparent buffer; the other is a Cab Sim/headphone amp. The second output can turn the Orange Getaway Driver into a standalone Cab Sim if needed- simply plug it directly into an audio interface. The input buffer, output buffer, and Cab Sim are run through op-amps. With its internal charge pump, it opens up 18V of headroom.

The Orange Getaway Driver is an overdrive pedal tailored specifically for any player looking to add a vintage flavor to their sound. The driver has great functionality – with being able to perform as a Cab Sim on its own – while also delivering fully realized vintage sound polished off straight from the 70’s.

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