What’s the deal with the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory you ask? We may have some insider information, but you didn’t hear it from us.

If you’re the type who believes Paul McCartney died in the 60’s and you find yourself watching alien abduction stories on YouTube at 3AM, you may also be the kind of person to notice a similarity between the Conspiracy Theory and a certain “mythical” overdrive that has become one of the more coveted effects pedals in recent years. Not catching our drift? Well some have purported that the Conspiracy Theory features striking tonal similarities to the famed Klon Centaur overdrive.

With its ultra-simple control layout consisting of only three knobs (Output, Treble, and Gain), the Conspiracy Theory leaves no room for any mysterious knobs or secret switches, and no excuses for endless fiddling and adjusting settings. The only thing you’ll find here is straightforward tonal goodness that will get you off the ground running faster than an alien spacecraft plummeting towards the earth.

The Conspiracy Theory is part of Way Huge’s Smalls line of compact pedals and operates at 9V supplied by either a 9V battery or power supply.

You’ll have to find out the rest for yourself, we’ve already said too much.

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